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katie marzullo. >> i'm eric thomas. kristen sze and cheryl jennings have the day off. we begin with mike tracking the storm with live doppler 7 hd. start with looking at broader picture. good morning. you can see a lot of blue, green, yellows, ons showing up moved into the heart of the bay -- bay and south bay strongest cell moving throughout the east bay valleys, all the way out towards livermore pulling away from san ramon, danville and alamo, heaviest rain towards oakley, brentwood, stockton, tracy. one morsel on alpine road westwood drive to the -- west of belmont towardsf$byñ los alt. heaviest of the rain over in the north bay. you can see a lynn developing going to be another push of -- see a line developing to be another push for the afternoon and evening. danger -- dangerous surf at
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the coast until 4:00 tomorrow afternoon waves up to 19 feet, rip currents and beach erosion up and down the coast: over the next 24 to 36 hours. rain hit the north bay first this morning it force some to stay in others had to brave the storm. terry mcsweeney is live at the larkspur ferry terminal. you've covered a lot of ground, talked to a lot of people. >> reporter: it is going pretty good, pretty wet since 4:30 this morning maybe a 5 to ten minute break where we've been, break in the action as far as rain, sometimes light, sometimes heavy always coming down raining nonstop for close to six hours. outside the luther burbank home and gardens in santa rosa it wasn't the roses causing problems it was tree leaves coupled with rain booted out by rachel. >> today i use my foot because i've just come in and locked the gate and it just happened to be the first thing i did.
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>> reporter: down the block at the busy brown house childcare. >> raincoat. >> put a jacket on when it rains and you have -- >> reporter: the children know what to wear when it is raining. they will not need it today. >> we have a great playground today it is an indoor event. we'll have a little indoor christmas party with the kids. >> reporter: one of the grandpas drove from healdsburg through so of the fiercest rain he's seen. >> i'm not a usually 45 to 50 mile an hour driver this morning it was that way >> reporter: in petaluma to big topics, rain is one. >> i love the rain. >> reporter: why? >> because, cleans the air. >> reporter: other big topic the end of the world some predicted it for today based on the mayan calendar. apparently, the end of the world got rained out.
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>> i watch channel 7, i know that the rain is just part of the seasons, i guess. >> reporter: mike nicco predicts a lot but not predicting the end of the world. >> yeah. [ laughing ] >> reporter: if you want to predict the rain whether you have mike or not, abc7 news you have the -- live 7 doppler radar you can check it out if i keep standing here i'm going to be keeping getting wet for another two hours, a lot of rain coming this way. t+k abc7 news. we wouldn't want that to happen, get out the rain. >> storm is causing major problems at sfo on what is supposed to be the busiest travel day of the year. dozens of flights cancelled, others delayed, travelers are fuming. amy hollyfield is live at sfo. what is it like there now? >> reporter: it is not near as bad as what has been happening
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getting a beautiful rainbow i'm hoping you can see it. it is so pretty. that's why passengers are arriving here and are surprised to find out that their flights aren't taking off. >> just sucks. >> reporter: the christmas spweur right was hard to find at sfo this morning. many had it when they got here but said it slipped away. >> going down the tubes. before it started raining the faa decided to reduce the number of flights in and out of sfo because of low cloud cover and forecast for rain. >> i thought it was going to rain so we left early but it was nice, beautiful. >> reporter: she was shocked when she heard her flight was cancelled. the weather seemed clear she let her son drive away leaving her here alone. >> i got here at 5:00 and i've been here ever since. that put me on standby at 12. i don't know if not we have to
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wait until 5:00. >> mother nature is not on the nice list today. >> reporter: there have been 50 cancellations, mostly regional because of the winds out of the south with the rain and low cloud cover. they called it early so airlines could start adjusting. >> they put a plan in place in advance of rainfall to cope with the fact that we land less aircraft per hour. >> reporter: on one of the busiest travel days of the holiday season after other airports in the country had delays because of snow storms leaving many feeling grumpy. >> this is decreasing my visit of a week, by a day. and that's unfortunate because i don't see my sister that often. >> i'm tired i've been wearing the same clothes for the past three days. >> reporter: her sigh says it all. a lot of frustration out here, 50 cancellations, countless
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delays. delay average is about an hour. karen who lives in martinez says she is going home because her flight has been cancelled. she is coming back tomorrow. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. if you see weather happening where you are, let's know, send your photos to ureport. we have more news now an arrest made in the home invasion murder of a man last month. los gatos police have arrested raven chanel dixon in the murder. they say it does not appear to be random. he's the former owner of the mountain winery his wife was home and called police it was the first homicide in that town in 40 years. silence has never been louder than it was 6:30 this morning when the country
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paused to honor the victims of the connecticut school shooting. the country heard from the nra this morning announcing a controversial plan to reduce gun violence. as the nra made that announcement, a protester stole the limelight for a moment holding up a sign protesting the nra. wendy gillette is live in connecticut. >> reporter: it is such an emotional day for everyone who lives around here. when those bells tolled we saw a couple dozen or so people who went to stand by a makeshift memorial around the corner from here as they looked at bears, balloons, some wept as they reflected on a week that has been so difficult and caused so much pain. bells tolled in newtown, connecticut and across the nation. 26 rings in all, one for each of the 26 victims killed
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inside sandy hook elementary. the moment of silence was held 9:30 this morning when the gunman began his rampage in the school one week ago killing six adults and 20 children. the remembrance of the victims extended to the white house. president obama honored the moment of silence behind closed doors. he sent out a tweet beforehand that says: 20 beautiful children and six remarkable adults, together we will carry on and make our country worthy of their memory. earlier today, the president released a video responding to an online petition signed by more than 400,000 asking for an immediate introduction of gun control legislation in congress. >> the president: i wanted to take a minute to respond and let you know, we hear you. >> reporter: for the first time since the shooting the nra hold a news conference. the group did not promise any changes to its policies. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good
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guy with a gun. >> reporter: two protesters briefly stopped the event. >> nra stop killing our children! >> reporter: as the gun control debate intensifies more victims will be laid to rest today. this is the fifth straight day of funerals and more services are planned for this weekend. wendy gillette, abc7 news. short time ago california senator feinstein responded to the nra's controversial proposal. >> open to suggestions to make legislation better and more effective. should we have a conversation about school security? yes. should we have a conversation about mental illness and the culture of violence? yes. but we can't ignore the common denominator in all of these deadly massacres. access, easy access to killing machines. >> senator feinstein hopes to
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introduce a bill in the house of representatives limiting assault weapons. developing news in washington president obama just nominated senator john kerry to join his cabinet. scuffle over air jordans. bay area security guard hurt as hundreds try to get a pair of new shoes.
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. developing news out of washington. president obama is nominating senator kerry to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state.
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the president made the announcement moments ago. kerry served as chairman of the foreign relations commit -- committee. he lept to the front of the list for the job after u.n. ambassador rice withdrew her name last week. in newark mall security guard was punched in the face over a scuffle of air jordans. large crowd rushing through the door a man was apprehended for hitting the guard during the shoe frenzy. the new sneakers went on sale in morning a raffle system was implemented. >> i'm only interested in two pairs someone should be held accountable. they send out 20, 30 pairs when it is going to be 100, 2 sometimes like they are trying to initiate some type
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of difficulty. >> the sneakers retail for $185, resalers are offering the shoes for as much as $820 on ebay. >> glad i don't know anyone who has that on their christmas list, not going to happen. >> $4 a shoe. >> -- $400 a shoe. >> wet weather coming our way, heaviest in the north bay, i haven't heard people talk about rain that heavy in a long time, more the way if you haven't received rain, i'll show you how it will affect your saturday and sunday plans why >> good news for the california economy with the lowest unemployment levels in years. we'll show you the numbers. guess what? we are all still here. what experts are saying about mayan apocalypse that did not
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good news for california job seekers. the state unemployment rate dropped last month to 9.8%.
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the first time the number dipped below 10% since the recession began. if the bay area the november jobless rates are down from the month before, oakland and surrounding cities the rate is 8.4%. san jose 7.8% and in san francisco, it is.4%. tonight correspondent christiane amanpour takes on one of the most fought over written about and debated topics of her career the old testament. she goes back to the holy land where underwater searcher searches for the depths of the black sea. she also explores ancient similarities between three of the world's major religions. >> we are saying something controversial, that jude , christianity and islam trace their fathers and ancestors and beliefs and faiths, paul
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back to the same abraham. >> one of her two part series airs tonight at 9:00. the 21st has arrived and the world has not ended. this year hundreds converged on an ancient mayan site to witness doomsday, just in case. the highian calendar ends today which led some -- the mayan calendar ends today, some say it proves the calendar does not mark an ending but a new beginning. >> we knew when new zealand and australia were calling and answering our calls. >> good tip on that the weather is biblical throw. >> it was in some areas, several reports of flooding especially 101 getting and this morning was difficult there's a little break now there are still hot spots out there tahoe the snow is hitting the western slopes now not making it to tahoe you can
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see the greatness of the clouds definitely deepens as you look northwest and those are the snow laden clouds on the way. if you are not on your way to tahoe now it is going to get difficult soon very quickly still looks dry around san jose sprinkles in your neighborhood one more area i want to show you golden gate bridge where the rain has stopped temporarily definitely wetness on the road. live doppler you can see hot spots in the east bay valleys, east bay shore, south bay over on the pins lark all heading northeast still just like it -- peninsula, all heading northeast still just like it was this morning. livermore, brentwood, oakland heading to altamont central valley. from dublin back to tennison road, union city, towards fremont, mission boulevard, a little light to possibly moderate rain. san mateo, belmont, san carlos, redwood city, be prepared.
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woodside heavier rain headed your way traveling across 92, here's our next stretch, windsor forestville, those are areas that had flooding yesterday or this morning and now we are starting to see smaller showers develop in your neighborhood this is the waves of showers we talked about that are going to continue coming up from this moist flow out southwest to mid and upper parts of the atmosphere. zeroes from concord, oakland, redwood city south you are going to get your rain just a matter of time santa rosa inch and a half nearly six inches in -- that feeds into the russian river everything is okay as far as flooding there. showers today, heavy at times, we'll get heavier rain tonight the only day i'm not forecasting rain is monday. cold front heavier showers to the south one batch falls apart behind it as it moves
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across,eyfñ more green and yells through the evening hours, on and off rain heavy at times, here we are at 2:00 in the morning, moderate rain moving through the north bay could get heavy at times, 4:00 as it moves through the bay, 6:00 through the south bay, by 9:00, gone there's more scattered showers. saturday is going to be our day with the least amount of rain still plenty of waves of showers rolling through. warm fronts coming sunday ahead of this cold front, means long duration rain. you can see light to moderate rain 8:00 in the north bay then it sits across the bay during the afternoon. by the evening finally out of here. up to eight inches north bay mountains, six inches north bay, three inches east bay, four peninsula, two in the south bay, no matter where you are going in the high country, two to five feet of snow starting now through sunday,
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above 1500 feet in the north to 4,000 feet in the sierra. rain today, tomorrow, sunday no rain christmas eve, rain christmas night, wednesday and thursday following it. that's a lot of rain. still ahead, mike will be back with this week's perfect pet. >> he'll introduce us to >> he'll introduce us to frankie. and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go.
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is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868. it is time for friday's perfect pet. >> mike tell us about frankie. >> hi mandy if the san francisco spca. a lot to talk about not only frankie but what is going on at macy's, so go. >> first of all frankie is my new best friend, 12 years young, beautiful, likes to
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play and he's affectionate. macy's windows over 200 animals have gone home this year right at union square, we have puppies and kitten there is, come on down and say hi. new event cool, new year's day bringing all the dogs to the beach, bust them out of shelter for a day and let them play. >> thank you. come to macy's or the san francisco spca or give them a call. nice seeing you both. >> thanks for having us. happy holidays. >> thank you mike. from all of us here at abc7 news thank you for joining us. >> wants to be a millionaire is next. have a great day, great have a great day, great weekend and see frankie. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. tic music]
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♪ [cheers and applause] >> hey, carmelo. >> how you doing? >> hello, and welcome to millionaire. today's returning contestant has been on a lucky streak ever since getting the call to be on millionaire, and with $26,100 already in his bank, he's hoping that his luck continues today. from teaneck, new jersey, carmelo cruz. nice to see you, carmelo. >> hey, meredith. how are you? [cheers and applause] >> as we mentioned yesterday, you had lost your job, then you got the call from millionaire. you're filling out the application, actually, that you're gonna be on the show.

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